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Claudio Moreno

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Claudio Moreno, lives in Montevideo, Uruguay with his lovely pet and friend Julieta. He has two children, Victoria and Bruno. Sadly, Bruno passed away due to a heart attack in June 2017.

Claudio Moreno is a Uruguayan artist who works as a comic book illustrator, advertising creative, filmmaker, theater director, and musician. He performs all his activities spontaneously, without formal training in drawing, design, or music, except for some modules on film direction at the Uruguayan Film School (ECU). However, he learned some of the secrets of the comic book trade while working alongside Eduardo Barreto.

For over 15 years, he has worked as an art director for public agencies such as Camara/TBWA, Easton Communications, and BATES-Uruguay. Since 2001, he has worked as a comic book artist and colorist for publishers such as Robin Wood Comics, Editoriale Aurea (Italy), and Uchronia Comics (Switzerland, France, and Italy), collaborating on series such as DAGO, JOAN, HIRAS, and AMANDA, among others.

He has also worked as an assistant to his friend and colleague Eduardo Barreto for major publishers such as DC Comics, Marvel, and King Features, collaborating on series such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, among others.

In the audiovisual field, he founded Rocinante | Films and has directed several films, including "Hoy Juega," which was selected for the Paris Cinema and Education exhibition, "El Ultimo Aplauso," a short film selected among the top 10 projects of the "Filmcito" festival, "Siempre," a short film about the loss of loved ones, and the documentary "Un Cine para las ranas."

In the theater arena, he founded the group "Hidalgos - Teatro independiente" and has written and directed some plays, including "El Otro," premiered at the Theatre Politeama of Canelones city.

As a musician, he is the founder of the band "Los Rockas Surf," recently cataloged by the MUM Surf (Museum of Surf Music) as a pioneering band in the genre.


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