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Here you find a summary of my work as a comic artist, graphic designer and storyteller in every possible way.



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Claudio Moreno,  lives in Atlantida, Uruguay with his wife Dinorah and his 9 dogs. He has 2 kids: Victoria and Bruno (deceased due to a heart attack in June 2017) and his wife's two kids: Jimena and Martin.

Claudio studied Art in the school of Fine Arts in Uruguay, and his beginning as an illustrator for comics progressed rapidly thanks to the teachings of Eduardo Barreto.

For over 15 years he has developed as an art director in the following public agencies: Camara/TBWA, Easton Comunications, and BATES-Uruguay.

Since 2001 he works as a comic artist and colorist for Robin Wood Comics, Editoriale Aurea (Italy), Uchronia Comics (Switzerland, France and Italy), and as an assistant of Eduardo Barreto for the editorials: Omni Press, King Features, DC Comis and Marvel among others.


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Digital Color

Pencil and Ink

Cover Art


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